Founded in the heart of a region renowned for its concentration in wood processing and pulp and paper manufacturing, MESAR has acquired a solid experience in operations and maintenance as well as in capitalization project engineering.

  • Wood handling, debarking and chipping;
  • Reception, storage and handling of chips;
  • Refining, sieving, washing and thickening of mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, PCTMB and deinking;
  • KRAFT pulping, white, green and black liquor system;
  • Purification and bleaching of pulp;
  • Reception, storage and handling of chemicals and additives (clay, starch, coating color);
  • Approach system and wet end chemistry of paper machines;
  • Headbox and dilution;
  • Increased capacity and optimization of paper pulp presses, newsprint machines, coated paper, tissue paper, supercalendered paper and cardboard;
  • Converting paper machines for value-added products;
  • Energy saving: steam-condensing system of the dryer, reduction of water consumption, recovery of white water;
  • Winders;
  • Packaging, finishing and shipping;
  • Primary and secondary treatment of effluents;
  • Raw water treatment system;
  • Treatment of concentrated and diluted non-condensable gases (DCNG);
  • Sludge treatment and recovery;
  • Automation, PLC, etc.;
  • Steam system;
  • Building structure assessment;
  • Gases emission treatment.


4500, rue Charles-Malhiot
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
G9B 0V4 Canada


9310, boulevard des Sciences
Montréal (Québec)
H1J 3A9 Canada


1980 Post Oak Boulevard, suite 100
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