The accompaniment of our clients in the analysis, design and realization of their projects.


The pursuit of our growth while continuing to represent the quality reference in engineering and project realization.


Creativity :

With our management and organizational skills and our open attitude, we encourage initiative, creativity and the pursuit of excellence by our employees.

Integrity :

Respect, confidentiality and fairness are for us paramount principles that we demonstrate and encourage, through the relationship we maintain with our employees and colleagues as well as through the connection we build with our clients and with society.

Commitment :

We are committed to the fulfillment of our obligations to our clients and employees.

Expertise :

Maintaining our leadership position in our fields of expertise, while combining experience and its transfer to the next generation of professionals.


MESAR opts for a clear and firm commitment to its clients-partners on the realization of the various projects submitted :

An installations design that takes into account maintenance and exploitation operations as well as technological development, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency of such installations for all the participants of the client-partner.

A strict Health and Safety policy for all workers including client-partner’s workers. This policy is also applied during the design of installations, in order to ensure safe operation of equipment. Our team’s commitment to a strict Health and Safety policy on construction sites involves the setting-up of management policies and risks assessment to remove, reduce or minimize the risks of occupational incidents or accidents.

A strict environmental protection policy for field activities, in order to protect client-partner assets. This policy is also applied during system design.