Since 1980, MESAR offers proven expertise in the specialties of mechanics, electricity and structure. Our experienced teams integrate the principles of sustainability from the very design phase of electromechanical building systems, to ensure energy efficiency, comfort of the occupant and respect for the environment; all in accordance with international standards LEED® and BOMA and with the Go Green program.

  • Design of mechanical building systems, structure and foundations building;
  • Electrical Engineering for buildings;
  • Energy analysis for optimization and energy efficiency;
  • Landscaping;
  • Refrigeration, air conditioning and humidification system;
  • Commercial, institutional and industrial ventilation;
  • Fire protection;
  • Plumbing;
  • Design and conversion of indoor and outdoor lighting systems;
  • Photometric study;
  • Gensets;
  • Fire alarm, intrusion and access control systems;
  • Grounding systems;
  • Building automation and centralized control system (DDC);
  • Water and energy efficiency, heat recovery.