The region of La Mauricie is the birthplace of aluminum smelters and silicon carbide furnacing (Carborundum) in Canada. Since its founding, MESAR has provided new and developing companies with its expertise in the fields of light metals (aluminum and magnesium), ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the manufacture of silicon carbide, metal powders, titanium slag, cast iron, etc.

  • Reduction furnace, holding furnace, homogenizing furnace;
  • Rotary kiln for cooking iron pellets;
  • Handling of raw materials;
  • Foundry;
  • Machinery for sawing aluminum billets and processing light metals;
  • Process study, dynamic simulation, time and movement studies;
  • Preheating system, casting unit, casting carousel;
  • Rolling mill, wire drawing plant;
  • Machine guarding (entering angles, protective guards, etc.), risk audits;
  • Arc flash hazard analysis;
  • Equipment for lifting and handling loose material;
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and dedusting;
  • Piping and pumping;
  • Mass balance, energy balance and flow diagrams;
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems;
  • Soundproofing and industrial acoustics;
  • Compressed air, gas, steam and pressure vessels;
  • Industrial networking, automation and PLC programming;
  • Substations, electrical distribution, low, medium and high voltage networks;
  • Treatment of gaseous effluents, treatment of odors.


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